Next Generation Heat

Heat pumps

Next Generation Heat Sp. z o.o., is a distributor of large heat pumps from Italian companies Hidros and Emicon, as well as chillers, dehumidifiers and a range of other equipment. The heat pumps and chillers offered can be used in:

  • multi-family residential buildings
  • commercial buildings
  • public utility buildings
  • industrial facilities
  • in the transformation of network heat

The basic parameters of the offered equipment are shown in the table below.

Emicon - Climate solutions

Air – water

20-1170 kW

Two-pipe and four-pipe

Monoblock and split type

Can operate up to Tout to minus 20oC

Working medium: R410A, R134A, R513A, R290 (natural propane), R744 (CO2)

Water – Water

6-500 kW

including high-temperature water pumps

Operating medium: R134A, R410A


6-450 kW

Two-pipe and four-pipe

Operating medium: R134A, R410A


6-1800 kW



Units with elevated condenser

30-1200 kW

Condensing units

6-600 kW

Roof Top Heat Pumps

13,7 – 296 kW


The offered equipment comes from reputable manufacturers, is reliable and meets all norms and standards required by national and European Union law. Catalogs of the offered products are available below:

Emicon - Climate solutions

Emicon catalogs

Please direct detailed inquiries to:

Marcin Klimczak